• Why Choose Us?

    We are the UK’s leading supplier of high quality hairdressing gowns to professional salons and stylists. A family run business we retain the values of delivering exceptional quality, style and performance, while delivering a customer service that is unmatched in the industry. Our gowns area available in a huge range of styles, fastening and colours, and in addition every gown can be personalised to your exact specifications.


  • Styles

    Choosing the right style for your salon

    At Feel For Hair, we provide the largest selection of gown styles in the UK. With eleven unique gowns to choose from, we are sure to have the perfect match for your salon. From cutting capes & barber squares to elegant sleeved gowns and kimonos, we can personalise your gowns to suit your salon branding perfectly. Each of our gown styles are customizable with multiple fabric, fastening, and colour options.

  • Styles


    Perfect for gents or unisex salons. A cutting square shape with two hand slits which may be used if your client wants to read or enjoy refreshments. Needs to be put on by a staff member, most often whilst your client is seated. Comes with clip fastenings, for ultimate adjustability, or with poppers. Suitable for all shapes and sizes.


  • Styles


    Our most popular style. Generous fit. Goes on like a coat, easy for the client to put on herself, or with a little assistance if preferred. Comes in hook & loop tape fastening for speed and ease, or poppers across the top of the neck and a tie at the hip. Also available with a protective cape.


  • Styles

    La Coupe

    A traditional cape in the style of a hospital gown. The client needs to be helped into the sleeved gown which fastens with either ties or hook & loop tape.


  • Styles


    A true Kimono style with a simple best fastening and V-neck. Easy for the client to get into.


  • Styles


    A traditional, simple to use barber square in trilobal fabric. No fastening required but is secured by tucking into the client’s clothing.


  • Styles


    Ideal for technical services with a protective yoke of PU coated polyster & a fabric body. Clip fastening for infinite adjustability.


  • Styles


    A stylish fitted gown, only available in Ultima fabrics in certain colours. Magnetic closure at top of neck means no fiddly fastening or trapped hair, belted at the waist by a fixed tie. Worn like a coat so very simple for the client to dress herself, or with a little staff assistance.


  • Styles


    A beautiful fitted gown only available in 2 Ultima colours. Coat style with a fitted belt at the waist. Overlapping sides mean that your client is fully covered. For the elegant chick.


  • Styles


    Three styles for something to suit everyone. The petite halterneck apron, with button fastening; the cloth apron with tie fastening; a traditional sized apron in polyester; or the longer length laminated apron which is butcher style & matte laminated polyster for added protection.


  • Styles

    Show Gown

    Make an impact with this show-stopping gown. The hood allows for hair to be concealed up until the big reveal. Available in trilobal fabric with a tie fastening that secures underneath the chin.


  • Fabrics

    Choosing the right fabric

    Most of our gown styles come in a selection of three fabrics: Trilobal, Microfibre, and Ultima. Each fabric has a unique finish and texture, allowing you to create the perfect fit for your salon. All of our fabrics are water-repellent, durable and easy to care for.

  • Fabrics


    A 100% nylon crinkle woven fabric that is very easy to care for. Retains the crinkle texture through washing and low temperature tumble drying. Lightweight, comfortable, water-repellent and quick drying.

    Available styles: Artisan, Rapport, Rapport Protect, Kimono, La Coupe, Show Gown

  • Fabrics


    A 100% polyester fabric with a matte finish, giving a cotton look but with the easy-care benefits of polyester. The soft peachy texture makes this gown very comfortable for clients. Slightly heavier weight than the trilobal fabric and water-repellent.

    Available styles: Artisan, Rapport, Rapport Protect, Kimono, La Coupe

  • Fabrics


    Made from a mix of 50% nylon and 50% polyester to create a luxurious, silk-effect finish. The heaviest weight of all the three fabrics, Ultima is very hard wearing and comes in a range of shining, light reflecting colours.

    Available styles: Artisan, Rapport, Rapport Protect, Kimono, La Coupe, Vogue,

  • Fastenings

    Choosing the right fastening

    The majority of our gowns come with a choice of fastening. There is no ‘best’ solution, merely your own preference. When choosing a fastening, make sure to consider how the client puts on the gown & the adjustability of each fastening.


  • Fastenings

    Hook & Loop Tape

    The simplest of fastenings. Easy for your client to close themselves on the front fastening gowns.

    Available styles: Artisan, Rapport, Rapport Protect, La Coupe

  • Fastenings


    A tried & tested fastening. Each style of gown, where available, comes with 4 steel poppers. Very durable, easy to close and secure.

    Available styles: Artisan

  • Fastenings


    Each gown with the clip fastening comes with a black binding around the neck to anchor the clips, which work like two very secure paper clips. This makes the clip fastening infinitely adjustable, so this option is ideal if you have a variety of clients or work with children.

    Available styles: Artisan

  • Fastenings


    Traditional fastening with two ribbons fabric that tie in a bow, giving edge-to-edge closure. The La Coupe style fastens at the back of the neck whereas the Kimono &
    Elegance gowns feature a belt around the waist.

    Available styles: La Coupe, Kimono, Elegance

  • Fastenings


    Is this the holy grail of gown closures? Available on the Vogue style only. Very easy to close and stays securely fastened. Simple for the client to close themselves if preferred.

    Available styles: Vogue

  • Personalisation

    Gown embroidery

    All of our gowns are embroidered in house with the utmost care. Our unique bespoke service gives us maximum flexibility to provide the service you need. There are no minimum quantities, and we take as much care with a single gown as we do for large salon groups. Text embroidery is absolutely free, and for logos we charge small one off set-up fee. Our embroidery team can trace out any logo to create a perfect reproduction – we like to think anything is possible! Click here to see some designs we have previously embroidered and what our previous customers have said.

  • Personalisation

    Position & sizing

    The most popular positions for embroidery are on the centre of the chest where it can be up to 15cm across, or on the breast where it will be 10cm. Other positions may be available, please give us a call on 01283 585656 to discuss any special requirements.

  • Personalisation

    Thread colour

    We hold over 400 different colour threads in stock and can closely match your corporate colour. While threads do not come in pantone colours, we can find the nearest match for you. Alternatively, you can send us a sample to compare to – we have even had customers send painted paper to ensure that their decor and gown embroidery look perfect together.

  • Personalisation

    FREE text embroidery

    If we can embroider your chosen design from a keyboard we are happy to do so with no charge at all! Just type in your text exactly as you require it to appear on the gown, including capitalization & punctuation. Bear in mind that your embroidery has to fit into a 15cm circle and, whilst we do not have a character limit, we recommend that each letter needs to be at least 5mm for legibility.

  • Personalisation

    Logo digitization

    You can email your logo to us in any format to [email protected], or post a copy to Feel For Hair Ltd., Tomlinson Business Park, Foston, Derbyshire, DE65 5BU. We will trace it out & replication it exactly on your chosen gowns. There is a one-off set up charge of £25.00 + VAT for this service, but we will keep your digitized logo on file for future re-orders.